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Born Of Fire And Flood!

I am excited to announce the re release of Born of Fire and Flood and Cedaras Promise (now called The Promise of Fire and Blood). The series will now be called 'The Ascension'

Both books have been heavily edited, given new covers, and new bonus content. 

All of this is in preparation for the third and final book in the series to be launched. 

These books hold a special place in my heart and it was so much fun revisiting them. Like catching up with an old friend. 

Expect to see all these updates go live soon! 



A Return To Self


It has been a very, very long time since I've written here.

My attention has been else where. I've been writing under other pen names, editing stories for other authors, and doing my best to live a fulfilling life.

This post is to announce my return! 

Sort of.

I'm reopening my editing business. I've missed sharing, teaching, and growing with authors. If you are here looking for editing, email me!

I'm also here to announce the birth of Defiant Fiction, my publishing imprint. Through Defiant Fiction, I will write my own books, publish work for other authors, and edit books for my clients. 

It isn't a change, really, just a reorganization. Expect to see more on that soon.

I hope to cross paths with all of you in the future. 

I can be reached at the following places-




Or email



I woke up today!

I've studied stoicism for several years. I struggle on a daily basis to work my learnings into every day life. My emotions, desires, biases, and perceptions control me on a daily basis.
That being said, my two year old son gave me passionate reminder of 'momento mori.'
I was up early, doing some writing and drinking coffee. All in all a good morning.
I hear my son get out of bed. I check my phone... he is up a little early. I'm a little annoyed that my free time is cut short, but I wasn't enjoying what I was working on anyway.
Oliver, my son, walks around the corner. He shows no signs of sleep in his eyes, but his hair is sticking out in every direction. He still walks with the clumsiness of a toddler, but Oliver doesn't let that slow him down. He spreads his arms wide and beams a smile at me.
"I woke up today!" he shouted, joy clinging to every word.
It was pure celebration. He was announcing it to the world.
It was passionate enough to give me pause and stir my thoughts. I didn't know what to say. My tiny terror, my little man, had just embodied momento mori in such a pure, innocent way. What could I possibly say that would match his enthusiasm and profound insight? What could I say that would show him that my happiness matched his own?
"That is awesome!" I said back, spreading my arms. We hugged, and I held him for as long as he would allow.
You woke up today, and that is awesome.

Cedara's Promise

Thank you all for the support of my newest book. Cedara's Promise has been my most successful release to date.

I find myself thanking my readers quite a bit. At a certain point it starts to seem redundant, but I've never felt more thankful.

Many have sent friendly, encouraging emails or reached on social media with their interest. It has been both heart warming and inspiring. 

Writing a book is a difficult thing. I had an idea that Cedara's Promise would be good, but why wouldn't I? I was spending hours creating it. No author really knows if the book is any good until the readers get it. Then the true test begins. As hard as I might try to avoid it, I wrap my self worth into these books. It becomes a self-deprecating tapestry of ego and desperation, each struggling for domination. 

Hah! How is that for a colorful description?

I digress. Long story short - I worked hard on this book and I'm glad most of you like it.

Cedara's Promise is a story of pain, hardship, and transformation. At the end of all things, when all seems lost, there will always be a little something left in the tank. Hope is not easily killed. Even in barren, salted soil, hope will sprout like a weed. With Cedara's Promise, I tried to spread that message.

Have a great day. I hope you do something awesome.


Bryce Allen

Born of Fire and Flood: Inspirations

As many of you know, my newest book, and the beginning of a four book long series, was released on January 14th, 2020. 

So far, I've been super pleased with its performance. Writing a book is a lot like having a kid - then sending it in the forest to fight woodland creatures... You do your best to get it ready, but you never really know how it will do. You give it a weapon and teach it which mushrooms to avoid, then you shove it out the door. Who knows, maybe it will come home with rabies and have to be put down?

However, Born of Fire and Flood has done great, and I want to thank you all for the support. I am busy chipping away at the second book in the series, and it is progressing marvelously. 

I wrote BOFF with three main themes.

1. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Literally.

2. What happens when someone will do anything to anyone to accomplish a goal?

3. What happens when we get something we've wanted all our lives?


The first theme is pretty basic, and it is the foundation of the entire magic system in the book. In order to gain powers, the denizens of this fantasy world must be brought to the brink of death. Then, if they survive, they will be granted the power. 

It isn't all awesome, though. Many times these people are left scarred, broken, and alone. It is up to that person to decide if these powers are a blessing or a curse.


The second theme surrounds the character Solare, Oliver, and even our heroine Jenna to some extent. I will avoid blatant spoilers here, so stick with me. I wanted to dive into what made good people to bad things. How could I take a normal person, and turn them into a murderer. What would have to happen for someone to rationalize the murder of thousands just to accomplish a goal?


Third, what happens we get something we've always wanted? I have a few strongly held opinions on this. First, nothing is ever truly resolves. There are no happy endings, because there are no endings. "Aha!" moments are always followed by more questions, more struggles. Just because the damsel is saved by the knight doesn't mean they won't have marital issues.

Likewise, when someone wants something badly enough, they place it on a pedestal. That pedestal becomes taller and more ornate the longer the desire is held at bay. Then, when the goal is accomplished, it often is a disappointment. All that hype, all that effort, and for what? A few moments of power? 

This might sound depressing, but indeed it is the opposite. I believe realistic expectations are the keys to happiness. Avoid the "things will be better when I get this new job" mindset. In all reality, things will probably be the same, maybe more difficult.

This is the main conflict that Jenna faces in the beginning. She has hesitated, dreamed, and prepared her whole life for one thing... then when she gets it, it isn't what she expected. But does that make it inherently bad? Not necessarily...

Damn, I'm ranting again. Good lord...

Either way, these are the themes I was working with when I wrote the book. I think it turned out beautifully.


You are all awesome and I look forward to writing more for you. Email me at bryce@bryceallenwrites.com with any questions comments or concerns. If you haven't picked the book up yet, it is available on Amazon.