Who is Bryce Allen?

Well, if you clicked this far into the website, you are either genuinely interested in the work I do, or you are a close friend looking for ammunition to make fun of me later. Either way, I appreciate the diligence.


I will go over the basics first. I grew up in small town Minnesota. I had an excellent up bringing! I had just enough freedom to cause problems, with just the right support system to move past them. I graduated high school first of my class. NOT! My grades were terrible and I barely graduated... lack of motivation or some such nonsense.


With the help of my beautiful mother, I squirmed my way in to a college not too far from home. After an amazing six years, I graduated with a degree in Political Science.


I wouldn't be completely honest unless I mentioned the importance of martial arts and physicality in my life. I have been training Shotokan Karate for roughly 15 years.


After I received my black belt, and later on, my 2nd degree black belt, my passion for the art increased exponentially. I made a point to study different arts and learn the mental, physical, and business side of as many arts as possible


I share all of my business related teaching wisdom in teaching the martial arts. Having personally taught for about 10 years, I know a thing or two in regards to creating martial arts clubs.


Currently, I am devoting all my time and energy to writing, being a father, and planting trees. As always, I'm busy writing something or another. My newest release will always be available on this website and Amazon. Check my blog for current project news.


Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, and if you are interested in learning more, sign up for my mailing list!




I posted a picture of my dog, Luna. I'm not lame, I promise... How cool is that picture though. It looks like her senior picture from puppy high school.