Born of Fire and Flood

The Ascension - Book 1

Her greatest pain has become a power unlike any other. Will it destroy her?

Jenna, the loner of her village, never really found her place. She worked at her uncle's inn, and kept to herself. She'd given up on love, and she'd given up on her dreams. She knew she'd never leave her corner of the world, no matter how bad she wanted to. She was too afraid to leave... but what happens when her village is burned to the ground by a power Jenna doesn't understand?
What happens when Jenna is thrown into the center of a magical rebellion, filled with powerful, element wielding witches called the Magi?
In the midst of all the chaos, what happens when Jenna finds love?

Born of Fire and Flood is a fantasy adventure, set in a land where a powerful, corrupt church worships the Goddess of the River and controls everything it touches... except the secretive Magi. Jenna navigates her way through love, magic, and danger in the first of the Becoming the Goddess Series. With tones of humor, romance, and action, this book will keep you turning page after page.

Available in Print and Ebook