I woke up today!

I've studied stoicism for several years. I struggle on a daily basis to work my learnings into every day life. My emotions, desires, biases, and perceptions control me on a daily basis.
That being said, my two year old son gave me passionate reminder of 'momento mori.'
I was up early, doing some writing and drinking coffee. All in all a good morning.
I hear my son get out of bed. I check my phone... he is up a little early. I'm a little annoyed that my free time is cut short, but I wasn't enjoying what I was working on anyway.
Oliver, my son, walks around the corner. He shows no signs of sleep in his eyes, but his hair is sticking out in every direction. He still walks with the clumsiness of a toddler, but Oliver doesn't let that slow him down. He spreads his arms wide and beams a smile at me.
"I woke up today!" he shouted, joy clinging to every word.
It was pure celebration. He was announcing it to the world.
It was passionate enough to give me pause and stir my thoughts. I didn't know what to say. My tiny terror, my little man, had just embodied momento mori in such a pure, innocent way. What could I possibly say that would match his enthusiasm and profound insight? What could I say that would show him that my happiness matched his own?
"That is awesome!" I said back, spreading my arms. We hugged, and I held him for as long as he would allow.
You woke up today, and that is awesome.