Introducing the Self Publishing Service Shop!

Hey there!


First off, Flames of the Citadel is still on the way. I promise. Seriously. The editor's suggestions were more... robust... than I thought they would be. I'm working on it. Soon!


With that out of the way... I just wanted to let you all know I have opened up my Self Publishing Service shop. There are more details on that page. You can see it here.


Here is a quick summary. I want to help young, amateur writers navigate the process of self publishing. Simple idea, huge implications. It is a difficult process, and I have some experience in the field. 


I earned that experience by trying failing a bunch. Eventually I succeeded, but trust me, if you can avoid failing I would suggest it. That is where I come in! I offer advice/ services on EVERY aspect of the process. From creating an idea, to writing every day, to editing and even cover design. I will hook you up!


Let me know if you are interested... other than that, I hope 2017 has been good to you so far!



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