Let your fire shine through the smoke


Writing a book is hard. Self publishing a book is hard. Being an adult is hard.


Why not get some help?


I can't help you be an adult... once I figure it out myself I will let you know.  BUT I can help you in just about anything related to writing and self publishing. I have been self publishing for about two years, and writing for much longer.


I would love to help you make your project a reality. That is why I am offering my services to the self publishing community.


These are the services I offer.


Developmental Editing:

Getting fresh eyes on your work is important. The epic story that makes perfect sense to you might not seem as epic to someone else. Does that mean your story is bad? Absolutely not. It just means that you need someone take a look at it and make suggestions. I LOVE doing developmental edits for people. I pride myself on helping authors get their point across. When an author can deliver a work of art that is true to their vision and still impactful - that is awesome. Let me help get you there. I'm great on dead lines, and I can be as detailed as you want.



Marketing is a beast. Most authors hate it, all authors need it. My education is in mass communications and advertising, and I personally focus on the realm of self publishing. I have marketed books of many genres on Facebook and Amazon. I can help you with paid and free advertising. If you just want some pointers - ask away! If you want me to design an ad campaign for you - I can do that, too. 


Cover Design:

I can do SOME covers. If the cover you want isn't in my skill set, I will find you someone who can do the job. I am great with non-fiction covers. That is all I have to say about that.


All money is exchanged AFTER I have finished your project. I will never ask for an advance or reservation. I do need to be scheduled in advance (in most cases). 


All pricing is fair. I want to work with great people, thus I have to be affordable! Drop me an email for pricing and I will let you know.


To hire me for one or all of these services - email me at bryce@bryceallenwrites.com