I've found myself thinking a lot about the value of being multi-faceted. I've turned my nose at the thought for years, telling myself that to achieve greatness at anything you must be laser focused. I did this with martial arts, fitness, and writing. I wonder how many opportunities I missed because of that focus... That same focus I thought would bring me success?

I don't ponder this with any kind of melancholy or distress, just the iron will to improve. While in school, I used to actively tell teachers I didn't care about whatever class I was in because I was going to go home and train karate. I would avoid hanging out with friends or trying new things - all because I didn't want it to interfere with my training.

What did that get me?

It taught me focus, sacrifice, and helped me develop a life long passion... but at what cost? Am I the next Bruce Lee? Nope. Do I run a martial arts empire? Nope. Do my knees ache after a long day? You betcha. It all seems so childish looking back.

How many people think I am a jackass because I shrugged them off for the sake of practice? Probably more than I can count on my fingers and toes. I was an ass. 

I'm not one to second guess. If I could go back in time I would painstakingly recreate my past exactly as it played out - I wouldn't change my present for the world.

HOWEVER, I do reflect on the missed opportunities. My grades should have been better. I should've had more friends. I should have been kinder to my body. I shouldn't have been an arrogant little prick.

Nowadays I force myself to think bigger, and I would urge you, too, as well. There are opportunities for improvement and expansion everywhere, both personal and professional. If you find yourself fixated on one goal, take a moment to think. Why are you so fixated? What drives you? Is it ego? What opportunities are slipping away?

I'm rambling. In summary - you only see what you aim at... look around every once and a while.

P.S. I promise I'm still writing books. ;)