New Stuff

I hope you are all doing well. I've been busy, great, but busy. I had another kid, moved to a new city, sold a house, bought a house, planted two apple trees, and I'm pretty sure I worked out twice.


Even as I write this I can hear my daughter farting around in the bathroom. She enjoys trying to brush her teeth on her own. This will most likely create a huge mess, but I wanted to write this post. She is in no danger, and this is probably the most "free" I will be all day.


Life is amazing. I'm presented with new joys and challenges everyday. I learn a little more about myself and the world at large with each passing headache. It is a unique season of life.


Ah, how about the good stuff - I'm still writing. In fact, I have two completed books sitting on the shelf waiting to be released. Wait... what? Why would I do that?


Oh, I'll tell you why.


I have a small issue with series consistency. I like starting new stuff. As of right now, I have three separate, incomplete and unrelated trilogies available. This makes my heart hurt. SO - I am finishing an entire trilogy before releasing them all. THEN I am going to go back and finish my existing projects one by one. 


How long with this take? I have no idea. Will I go insane? Too late. Am I going to make a dime from this? At least six or seven.


Well, I just heard the water turn on so I have to run! Hopefully the next blog post I make will have something impactful.