Things Are Happening!


Hey everyone. I hope this post finds you well. It has been a while since I've posted, but a lot has been happening! I started a new job, and I am loving it so far. I'm much busier than I was before, but it is a fun challenge to overcome.


First off, I have a new project coming down the pipeline. I'm not 100% sure on the title yet, but I went ahead and had some artwork thrown together anyway. Chosen by the Blade is a fast paced fantasy set in a Feudal-Japan-esque far away land. Writing it has been fun, and it is moving A LOT faster than Flames of the Citadel ever did. CbtB will be roughly 60,000 words (only half the size of Flames - hey, I'm only human).


Also, hard copies of ALL my books will be available in 2017 thanks to my friend Ryan at Waterstone Media. 


Last but not least - I am releasing a fun little prequel to Chosen by the Blade called Kenji's First Blade. It should be available before Christmas. 


All and all, I am having fun creating content, and I hope you enjoy it.